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In this article, we will discuss how to fix YouTube black screen.

If you want to watch a video on YouTube. Suppose, you tap the video on YouTube and a video player popped on and you are waiting for the video to load and play. But after a few moments, you got that there was nothing playing on your screen. It shows YouTube black screen.

It is a quite common problem, many YouTube users have trouble with this issue YouTube black screen. Sometimes it happens that you cannot see any image appearing for a while, but in some situations, the problem lasts for a long time.

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When you get this error maybe you are very frustrated because you cannot enjoy YouTube video more. Hopefully, you are anxiously doing research on the internet in the prospect of resolve this issue as soon as possible.

No need to worry, there are many solutions to fix the YouTube screen. Go through the below-given solutions to fix the problem.

Steps to fix youtube black screen:

  • Sign out from your YouTube account:-

When you watch a video with your YouTube account logged on then you face an error YouTube black screen. The first thing you can do to sign out from your YouTube account and check if the video play normally.

For signing out of YouTube account, tap on the Account icon which is at the upper right corner of the YouTube page and then tap on sign out.

After doing this, you can see your issue is resolved now.

  • Restart your web browser or refresh the page:-

If your browser is not correct then also YouTube black screen error occurs. By refreshing the page you can fix this issue. Tap on the reload option or icon on your web browser or hit F5 on your keyboard to reload the video page. Now, check to see if video play normally.

If you still trouble with an error then you can try to close and reopen your web browser. This process can also help you to get rid of this error. Now, restart your web browser and launch the YouTube video again. And check to see if problem resolve.

  • Check your internet connectivity:

It may be possible that your internet connection is slow. Slow internet connection also causes the error YouTube black screen. Here are a few steps you should try it:

Check to see if your internet connection is working properly:-

Always make sure that your internet connectivity is working properly. If it works in a proper way then it may cause the issue. If it is not working properly then fix it and check to see your issue resolved now.

Check your internet usage:-

If you face problem then check all the programs on your computer and all the other devices also that are connected with the same network. To disable network connectivity of the program or device which slows down your network. After that, you can see your issue is resolved.

Use a VPN:-

If you still trouble with the YouTube black screen error then try to use a VPN. It can help you to get around issues you may be experiencing due to the local internet connection.

If you have your VPN and you have skills to set up the connection then you can do it manually. If not, then use NordVPN.

NordVPN provides fast, secure and stable connections and it is very easy to operate. Here are the steps:

  • First of all, download and install the NordVPN.
  • Now, run NordVPN and select a location that you want to connect.

Clear your browsing data:-

The cache and cookies can also cause the error YouTube black screen. Cache can cause the stuck your browser. It can also change the setting of your browser and clog it to working properly. These all can cause YouTube error. So always clean your browsing data on your browser to avoid such problems. Once you clear your browsing history then it will remove all the password and preferences of your browser, then you need to re-enter it again.

If you used YouTube on Google Chrome or Firefox then follow the below-given steps to fix the issue:

  • Hit CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE key simultaneously. Now data clearing windows will pop-up.
  • After that, clean all browsing data on your web browser:
  • Now, set the time range to cover from when you started to use your browser to date.
  • After that, select all the items to clean.
  • Clean them all.
  • Now, check to see if the issue is resolved.