Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

If you are playing any video song on YouTube and you got an error like 500 internal server error, then no need to be a worry. This problem is not because of your internet connections or Computer. This error is actually on the server-side of YouTube.

The 500 internal server error on the word press is a very general HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) code that means something goes wrong with the site’s server.

It is a general error and could be more to do with the word press application you are running on the server or host do something at their end. Whenever you face this problem, then say to the host to show you a look of the problem. By this, you will be aware of this, and if again you face with this problem you can easily manage it.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites; it is the second largest search engine online.

Here we show you how to fix YouTube 500 internal server error.

When you use YouTube, you found an error; one of them is YouTube 500 internal server error.

4 fixes for 500 internal server error:

When this error occurs on YouTube, it shows a message like: “Sorry, something went wrong”.

1st fix:- Keep patient and wait for YouTube team to fix it:

  • you face this error then don’t be panic, you are not alone to face this problem. Most people encounter this error once in a while. Example: when you are watching a video song on youtube, and you got this error, then also you receive a message that they have already sorting out and looking for a fix.
  • Probably you have to wait for a few seconds or even a minute, then try to reopen the YouTube site as what recommend to you.

2nd fix:- Refresh YouTube site:

 In some cases, the error might be last temporarily. In this scenario, you need to refresh the YouTube site. Here’s how:

  • You can click on the refresh icon which is located on the top left corner of your browsers right next to YouTube’s website address to reload it.
  • Press either ctrl+F5 or F5 on your keyboard.
  • The last one, you can also try clicking back/forward buttons so you can hopefully get rid of 500 internal server error.

3rd fix:- Clearing your browsing history:

 This fix may be vary depending on which browser you are using. In this fix, we are going to cover Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer.

On Google Chrome:

  • Click settings
  • Go to show advance settings
  • Go to Clear Browsing data
  • Check and clear all the browsing history, cookies, other sites, photos, videos etc.
  • After that, go to the YouTube site and see if the error is fixed.

On Internet Explorer:

 1) Go to settings

2) Go to internet options

3) Go to general Tab

4) Go to Browsing History

5) Click delete and then revisit the YouTube website.

On Firefox:

1) Go to Firefox setting

2) Go to clear private data

3) Go to the clear private data section

4) Go to cache

5) Click on the clear private data button

6) Click ok

7) You may again go back to the YouTube site and revisit it.

4th fix:- Contact with YouTube support team:

 Once you have tried all above-mentioned options but still you are not able to fix 500 internal server error, then you can contact with YouTube support team. You can contact them by phone. Also connect via their YouTube, Facebook, twitter.


Now, it is clear to everyone that YouTube 500 internal server error message not do anything with your device or your internet connection, and no need to worry about this.

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