How to Fix Spotify error code 17?

Spotify is a popular music streaming platform and has more than 30 million songs. You can use Spotify on your computer, phone, tablet, and other devices. Spotify is an easy-to-use application and you can listen to your favorite music anywhere anytime you want. But many times, when the user tries to log in to their Spotify account, they get the error message: “A firewall can block Spotify.” In this condition, the user is not able to log in to their account. This error is commonly known as Spotify error code 17.

Users may get this error message in one of the following formats:

Error 17: Spotify has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Spotify could not be started (Error code 17)

How to fix Spotify error code 17?

In order to come out of this problem, you can try various tricks that are discussed below:

Run the offline installation program.

It runs for a bit and then fails with Spotify error code 17. Despite receiving the error, it decompresses the files and places them in Appdata folder. So, if your Windows username is James, your files are on “C:\Users\James\AppData\Roaming\Spotify”.

Once you have found your Spotify files in your AppData folder, you have to copy the entire Spotify folder to another folder. For your convenience, you can copy it to your C drive. Now your files will be “C:\Spotify”

Now go to “C:\Spotify” and run the Spotify.exe file. When Spotify appears, place the program in the taskbar.

Use System Restore to undo the latest changes.

Incorrect or incomplete installation of Spotify is another reason for this error. Many times, incorrect installations configure the parameters leaving incorrect entries in the registers.

In this situation, you have to use the system recovery utility integrated with Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista. This system tool helps you to undo the most recent changes. It will restore your computer to the previous state it was in before you tried to install it correctly.

Go to the Start menu and type System Restore in the search box. Press Enter. Now go to System Restore and select a restore point. Restart your PC to apply the changes.

Make sure that the Windows Installer service is launched.

  • First of all, exit all Windows programs.
  • Go to Start and type Run in the search box. Press Enter.
  • Type msiexec /unregister in the Open box. Click on OK.
  • Again go to Start and type Run in the search box. Press Enter.
  • Type msiexec /regserver in the Open box. Click OK.
  • Restart your computer and check if your problem is solved.

Change the location settings

This solution is suitable for people who are out of their country of origin for 14 days and are facing Spotify error code 17. You need to log in to your account using a browser. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Visit
  • Go to Login and enter your login information. Click on Login.
  • From Profile in the upper right corner of your screen select Account.
  • Go to editing profile and scroll to the right to the country area.
  • Now update your current location. Click on Save Profile.
  • You can now connect to the application.
  • If you are not able to modify your profile for any reason, use reliable VPN services. Make sure it is Configured to use your home servers. In this way, Spotify will not recognize that you are not at home.

If you are facing any problem in the above steps, you can take the help of customer support via their toll-free number.

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