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 How to reset AT&T  password ?

We usually face a major aspect or say the reason to reset our AT&T password. One of the major reason you forget the password else you find someone knew your password or simply you want to change it out. In all these aspects you will need to know How to reset the AT&T email password. Don’t worry you will learn how to reset the AT&T sooner and easier.

How to reset AT&T  password without phone number ?

  • Go to the “myAT&T” website.
  • After that, you will find a link “Forgot password” on the website, click over it.
  • It will take you to the page where you have to enter your email id and then click on continue
  • As the next step you will be given few options there you have to choose the option of “I’ll answer my security question” and which will let you proceed with answering a list of questions and mainly that which you fixed when you were creating this account.
  • In case if you don’t remember the answers for the questions then you can request for a temporary password in the registered email id.
  • You have to hat and paste it out, after that you will be logged in. Once you are in, you will be asked to be create the new password.
  • Type down a strong password with a minimum of 8 Character. And then click continue finally you are done.

How to reset AT&T  password when you know the password?

  • As the first step you have to open your AT&T website and there you have to enter the email id and password in the empty field where it is asked.
  • Then you have to click on “My profile” once you have logged in and then you have to scroll down to set a new
  • Under that, you have to choose the option of Set Personal password option
  • There you will have to type the current password first and then you will have to enter the new password that too twice that is to confirm the new
  • After entering the password you have to tap on “Save changes” so that you can change the AT&T email password.

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