1866-235-8555 Printer Not Responding.

We are in paperless society. No, I just meant we are in the process of creating a paperless society but still have the files and images in the digital form we do print. May it be a company or say a home or club organizers. Everywhere you will find printers becoming too necessary nowadays it is because of paper works still being a part of our society.

The fact of this blog is to give you a solution for printer not responding windows 10, not just where you commonly find it not connecting and printing the right ones. So for that, you will have to do a few steps to fix it.  And the trending printers are the wireless ones so you would be thinking ” why my wireless printer not responding?”. For that, you need not to panic anymore just follow the steps.

Possible solutions for printer not responding:

  • Check connection-

Check in your device whether the connections have been done properly.

  • Troubleshooter must be run

If you use devices of Window 7 and above then you will find an inbuilt printer troubleshooter . Go to the search box and type troubleshoot and there click printer. Once it gets opened select on Run troubleshooter which will resolve the issue.

  • Restart
    You have to restart the printer spooler for that you can press two buttons at a time that is Win + R and then you should type SERVICES.MSC and then click on enter and below that you will find an option print spooler there you will find stop and start button, then you can click ok if you have done it.
  • Port must be reconfigured

For reconfiguration, you have to press WIN + R key and type control after that choose Devices and printers and then click on the printer and select print properties and then go to the general settings and then to change properties.

After that go to the Ports Tab and then select your name and then go with the option Apply then to general and finally tap on Printer test page.

  • Printer Driver

You will have to reinstall or update the printer’s version so that you don’t face the error issue.

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