1866-235-8555 My Brother Printer Not Working?

My Brother printer not working?

Well, I was not so sure about how to fix the issue of Brother printer not working. I had one of them and it was really doing obvious but one bad day it gave a big problem for me and that was it didn’t work suddenly. And I was not able to manage without the brother printer. Then one of my best friends was so knowledgeable in this field that he gave me a perfect solution. And that is what happened finally that is I got my printer to work back properly.

How do I fix “Brother printer not working”?

Steps to fix Brother printer not working:

  1. As the printer is USB cord hooked it doesn’t have wire and thus the device doesn’t show as a connected device so make sure you connect it well.
  2. Then you have to go to fix network connection issue by running the printing troubleshooter
  3. You will have to click on the start button and also on the device manager, Then you will find options to expand printers when you click on printer option after that choose the option of Update Driver
  4. If nothing of these works then you have to do one important thing that is you will have to contact the printer manufacturer.
  5. Well, you also have to check whether your device or say your PC must actually be updated and also it must be that you check out well that your printer is on for the first .
  6. You have to run the troubleshooter and then go to the search box and type services and then you will have to tap on the print spooler and choose the stop button and then ok button
  7. A taskbar opened where you have to type %sWINDIR%\system32\spool\printers and then you choose the option of files and then delete it.

So these are the ways using which you can fix the issue of brother printer. In case if you have clarification about the ways to fix it. And also do read other blogs on the website, and also don’t panic that it is always not gonna cause such issues.

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