Microsoft edge not working

Microsoft edge not working?

Microsoft edge is one of the superb web browsers developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is recently used by number of the users who have grabbed Windows 10 laptop devices. As per the regular users, this web browser is most important for your desktop as it saves more power of the battery. Microsoft edge is involved with a number of the features and services in order to complete the task in less than no time. There are some important features such as new modern UI, Integration of Cortana, Universal available across the device and much more. With the help of this web browser, Microsoft is improving the facilities of the internet service in all respects. Along with that, it is also helping us to keep our desktop page save from the virus and power of back up simply. But, one rare issue related with this browser is “Microsoft Edge not working?”.

Is your Microsoft edge not working fine?

If you are the user of Windows 10 device, you must have been noticed update information that helps to remove the needless virus and this it stops issues to encounter. However, if there is an error and you don’t know what are the problems you are facing. At that moment, you need to first identify the cause of the problem that will assist you to cover over the solution in less than no time.

Have a look at the cause of error:

  • Microsoft edge is not responding after update.
  • Unable to update your Windows device.
  • Getting spyware infection.
  • Updated and installed the latest version of Microsoft edge is not working fine.
  • System file corruption and much more.

After recognized the main cause of the issue as mentioned above, you can simply find out the solution. However, if you don’t know what to do then you can easily contact our tech support team that will help you to fix the problem after getting the cause of the error instantly.

Following are the methods guiding you to fix Microsoft edge which is not working fine:

  • At first, you need to turn on your Windows device and click on the Microsoft edge.
  • If it is not working fine then you can try to resolve this problem with the history file.
  • Click on the cache and cookies file and select the more action and check out the box.
  • Select whole cache images, and cookies fine to remove and clear the traffic of the web browser.
  • After that, you can experience the performance improvement in Edge and then move to the next.
  • If still there is an error then click on the latest update of Microsoft edge and press the next button.
  • Open the settings menu and go to the extensions to switch on and off and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You can select the repair option in which you have to go through the four resources that will help you to fix the problem in less than no time.
  • Select a clean option to boot your PC and follow the onscreen instructions and then click on the done button.
  • You can reinstall your Microsoft edge through power Shell and then you can use the group policy Editor.
  • Having done completed the task you need to restart your Windows 10 device to find out the better result at the end of the task.

It might be hoped that this page would be better used to learn about fixing the problem with Microsoft edge. However, if there is an error and you are still looking for the solution, you should feel free to get in touch with a top-notch tech support representative who will help you to fix the problem in less than no time.

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