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HP printers serve the needs of the users in terms of printing speed or the high quality of prints. To obtain satisfaction, peoples like to buy HP printers. HP printers are the package of unique and advanced features that differs HP printers from other printers. There is also a problem that occurs with HP printer users and that problem is the HP printer keeps going offline.

As you know the HP printer has the option of internet connection to goes online but many times HP printer not able to connect with the internet and this problem may occur due to cable connection, printer settings, and outdated version of printer drivers.

Reasons behind the issue HP printer keeps going offline

  • If there is trouble with the internet connection between your computer and printer then this issue arises.
  • This problem occurs when there is an internal issue with your printer.
  • An Outdated version of printer drivers is also the reason behind the error HP printer keeps going offline.

Solutions to fix the issue HP printer keeps going offline

There are some solutions given to fix this issue in your system:

Check the cable connection

Cable connection is the main reason behind the issue HP printer keeps going offline so you need to fix the cable connected correctly.

Users can fix this issue by plugging or unplugging the USB cables. due to this unplugging or plugging process, your HP printer goes online again.

Update the printer driver

An Outdated version of the printer driver is also the reason behind the issue HP printer keeps going offline. So, to fix this issue you need to update the printer drivers. Follow the procedure given below to update the printer driver:

  • Firstly, you need to download and install the Tweak bit driver updater.
  • After installing, the program will start scanning your PC and finds the outdated printer drivers and recommend the proper updates of the outdated printer drivers in your system.
  • This software will scan your PC completely and finds all the problems with drivers in your system and gives you the list of all the problems with the printer drivers.
  • Now, this is your choice that you are updating the driver one by one or all at a time. To update one driver at a time, you need to click on the update driver link next to the driver’s name. To update all at a time, you just need to click on the option update all.

If this solution does not works then go to the next option.

Fix the jammed papers in your printer

Jammed papers on your printer are also the reason for HP printer keeps going offline. Check carefully that any paper jammed in your printer or not if jammed then you need to remove the jammed papers carefully from your printer.

Check internet connection

If your HP printer showing offline issue then internet connection is the main culprit behind this. So, you need to check the internet connection of your device.

If this not works then restart your networking devices like routers and modems and your PC to fix the issue HP printer keeps going offline.

Change the settings of your printer:

Follow the steps given below to change printer settings:

  • Open the control panel.
  • Click on devices and printers option from the list.
  • After that, click on the option default printer and select the print queue. If any task finds pending then remove them from the list.
  • Now, select the printer option and uncheck the option named use printer offline under the queue Window.

If you are facing the issue that your HP printer is constantly going offline then you need to follow the solutions given above.

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