How to Uninstall Avast?

The self-defense mode of Avast Antivirus prevents any malicious software from uninstalling Avast from your system. In fact, you cannot uninstall Avast by any means.

If you still want to know how to uninstall Avast Antivirus. Simply follow the steps discussed below to disable Avast’s self-defense feature and uninstall the software.

Steps to Disable Avast’s Self-Defense Mode

Follow these steps to disable Avast’s self-Defense mode:

  • Go to the hidden area of the settings, to disable Avast self-defense mode.
  • Open the Avast user interface and go to Menu at the top of the user interface.
  • Go to Settings from the drop-down menu that will appear now.
  • A new Settings window will open now.
  • Click on General from the left navigation pane. Now select Troubleshooting from the sub-menu.
  • Deselect the checkbox next to Enable Self-Defense. This will turn Self-Defense mode off.
  • This will open a pop-up window and ask you to confirm.
  • Click on OK to confirm the change.
  • Self-Defense mode will turn off and you will be able to close the Settings window and also the Avast user interface.

Complete the Avast Uninstall

In order to complete the Avast installation process, follow these steps:

  1. Once your Avast Self-Defense is disabled, you can easily uninstall Avast Antivirus.
  2. Go to the Start menu. Type Control Panel and select the Control Panel app in order to open it.
  3. From the Control Panel window. Go to Programs and Features.
  4. From the Programs and Features window, scroll down to the Avast Antivirus application. Select it. Now select Uninstall to start the uninstall process.
  5. This will open Avast’s configuration screen. Here you will find several options available to change the Avast installation. The main options you will find here are Update, Repair, or Modify. You will also be able to see the Uninstall button at the bottom of the opened window. Click on it to launch the Avast uninstall process.
  6. A confirmation window will open and ask you that if you really want to uninstall Avast or not. Click on the Yes button.
  7. The Avast uninstallation process will start now. The procedure may take a few minutes for the progress bar to complete because the uninstallation will delete all of the Avast files that are distributed throughout your system.
  8. Once the uninstallation process is complete, a prompt will appear to restart the computer in order to complete the uninstallation process.
  9. Go to the Restart computer option to finish.
  10. This will complete the uninstallation process. After the process completes, Avast will get completely uninstalled from your system.

Install New Antivirus Software

If you’ve uninstalled Avast Antivirus from your system with an intention to install new antivirus software, then there are lots of handy, free antivirus software options from where you can choose from.

In case you’re uninstalling it to check whether it’s interfering with other programs and services you are trying to do with your computer, look for the latest version of Avast and download it. Now reinstall it on your system to get full protection.

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