1866-235-8555 How to Delete Gmail Account?

No doubt, Gmail has made the lives of the common man quite easily. These days it is just a matter of few clicks to maintain effective communication with the business partners, business competitors, etc. in fact, Gmail is a blessing for most of the users that they always appreciate. But there is another side of the coin also. There are some major issues also which users have to confront from time to time. So, to rectify these issues sometimes there is need for some important decisions. Therefore, some users decide to delete their Gmail accounts. So, do you wish to get acquaint yourself with the process of how to delete Gmail account? If yes, have a glance at some of the steps given below:

Steps related to delete Gmail account:

  • First of all, select any browser of your choice and go to the official login page of your Gmail account.
  • Now enter your Gmail account’s user name or password to login your account.
  • After that, directly hunt for my account settings. Once you locate it you can begin the further process after that.
  • Now, after that click on account-preference section. After heading over to account-preference section try to locate delete Gmail account or delete my account whatever you can find.
  • In the next step, just confirm delete my Gmail account along with data.
  • Once, you confirm this, you will no longer be able to access the services of your Gmail account and all your Gmail data will also get deleted.
  • So, after following these steps, you will no longer be able to make use of your current Gmail account as it has been deleted by you. So, be prepared in advance that you will not be able to access the services of Google account.

In case, you confront any issues while accomplishing these steps, then don’t worry at all. Because you can contact any reliable third-party service provider to get the service of deleting my Gmail account.

How to remove Gmail account from iPhone? and how to remove Gmail account from android phone?

There are two things which will be said in this blog, one of that is How to delete Gmail account and another one is how to remove Gmail account from iPhone and Android phone. The way given here is the simple way using which you can easily remove the Gmail account within few minutes.

Steps to remove Gmail account from Android phone –

  • Go to settings and then you will find the option of accounts which will show you all the accounts that are available in the device.
  • And the next is that you have to go to manage the account by clicking the side option and then you will be asked which accounts to be removed.
  • Select that account which you want to remove and then click on remove account.

Steps to remove Gmail account from iPhone-

  • First, you should have to open your iPhone setting and there you have to go to accounts and passwords option.
  • Then you will find an option of Gmail there you will have to choose the account which you want to remove that is mail, contacts, calendars or notes.
  • After all this you have to click on the delete account button after that you will be asked to click on enter which will let you remove the account.

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