How to delete Facebook account permanently ?

Sometimes an old Facebook account has to be changed because people don’t want to think about their past. Also there are many other reasons why people wants to delete their Facebook account. It’s not always necessary to keep numerous accounts. That’s why people search how to delete Facebook page but they hardly get any solution for permanently deleting their accounts. Another common search is related to “How to delete Facebook account permanently “.

Delete my Facebook account

Many of my friend commonly ask me to delete my Facebook account now and that’s not simple to directly delete the account. Deactivation your account is a simple process you can go to settings and can directly deactivate your Facebook account. But permanently deleting it is quite difficult.

There are some steps can be followed to permanently delete your Facebook account. Here we are going to discuss below:

  1. As you log in to your Facebook you can see three bar in the right side of your system tap on it.
  2. After tapping on bar go to settings and select “your Facebook information” section and click on “Delete your Account and information”.
  3. After clicking on “delete your account and information” it will ask your password for proceeding further. This will delete your account permanently.

Sometimes even after deleting their accounts people have many confusions like what happens to your data? how to cancel the process of deleting account, solution is available for such problems also. It takes 90 days to permanently delete your Facebook account. If  you want’s to cancel the process then you have log in before 30 days after the beginning of the deletion process.

How to deactivate Facebook account from the android app and iOS app:

There are ways to deactivate your account. But in this blog, it is mentioned of How to deactivate Facebook account on different platforms and also on how to deactivate Facebook account from android. Not just for deactivating in android but also to deactivate Facebook account from iOS, this blog will teach you in detail of how to do it properly.

Before starting the blog it is important that you know for both for android as well as iOS the steps are same. It is just that you have to install the app in iOS and then go to the settings of the app and then the step is the same.

  • Go to the Facebook app or open Facebook in any browser.
  • And the next step is that click on settings in the app and then go to general settings in it.
  • Then go to deactivate account option where you will be asked permanent or temporary deactivation.
  • You will have to select the reason for deactivating and in case if the reason is not listed then you have to write down the reason in the box below.
  • After that enable the option of getting notification from the Facebook for Email and after that click on deactivate account.
  • And now finally the steps to deactivate is done, you can easily follow the steps without making any mistake.

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