What to do when GPS not working?

What to do when GPS is not working fine? Here is everything to learn?

There is no one who feels like to be stranded in the middle of a place and also looks for the right direction to reach to the right place. So, when GPS on your iPhone device is reliable, it can be of great help and you may never have to come across a situation where you really feel so alienated in the place where you get stuck due to the fault of the GPS software. GPS is the excellent resources that will help you to reach the location where you can also search out the place where you would like to actually. GPS will show you the quick directions that can save you lots of time. But when you encounter a problem with your GPS, this might be the something biggest wrong with the person when their GPS not working fine.

Is your GPS not working fine?

If you are getting hugely frustrated with your GPS which is showing the wrong direction, you should change the settings of your GPS and if still there is an error you should check out the cause of the error to resolve the problem instantly. GPS on iPhone or Android device helps to navigate to a special event, play Pokemon go, or even to just grant your favorite apps your current location so they can do whatever they are looking for exactly.

What could possibly go wrong?

If you are required to fix this error as you are getting everything wrong, you should understand the simple concept of happening everything wrong as listed down.

  • You might get no signal of GPS,
  • Unable to update the actual location.
  • Showing the right direction,
  • GPS is not active to perform an action and much more.

So in common mode you can go with the wrong and unable to resolve the problem instantly. For that you should find out the reason that might help to fix problem in no time.

Here are the ways on how to fix common GPS problems simply?

  • First of all, you need to turn on your iPhone device and toggle your GPS in which you can turn on and off your GPS.
  • You should go with toggle Airplane mode and check out the error to fix instantly.
  • You can also try to remove the Phone case that sometimes stuck to reach the signal with GPS.
  • Check out the internet and GPS app settings and make your device in the power saving mode.
  • Having made some changes in the settings, you refresh your location services and set the privacy location service to start your GPS.GPS not working on iPhone

If you are getting still the same problem with your GPS you can reset the location and network data and restore your device. However, if there is an error and don’t know what to do contact our customer team for the help instantly.

How to improve GPS on android phone and tablet

  • First of all, you need to check out the location in order to clear view of the sky so that communicate with your GPS properly.
  • If you are using a tablet or mobile phone but Google Maps is unable to find your location but GPS will provide you the same function to work fine.
  • Go through the activate high accuracy mode in which you need to use Android mobile phones that let you keep activate GPS at high accuracy mode.
  • It gives you more precise performance at the cost of battery life that set your GPS to high accuracy mode.
  • If you are using a tablet device and want the same accuracy you need to go to the settings to click on the cog icon.
  • You can simply find out the location from the menu and ensure it is switched on or not.
  • If GPS mode is not switched on then you can select the mode and then choose high accuracy and use a compass app to re-calibrates the GPS.
  • Apart from that you can observe make sure nothing is interfering with your phone and go for the detection satellite to check in case a metallic object is blocking GPS signals.

Let’s know the reasons for GPS not working on iPhone:

  • First, you need to check the GPS app on your iPhone is working good or not.
  • Internet speed might be the reason GPS not responding.
  • Unable to update due to an older version of apps.
  • GPS app isn’t compatible with the iPhone and much more.

In case you identify the reasons, you can easily fix its common problem that will offer you error free GPS service forever.

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