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 Why is my Gmail account suspended?

Gmail is the most important part of your business that keeps every personal details of your transactions of banks as well as all information related to your work is provided on your email account. Thus you should know that Google has many functions to secure account. Here you’re going to see the ways in which you can get solution for why your Gmail account suspended and most demanded question is how to recover your suspended Gmail account.

Now days G-Mass is getting with Google accounts and because of GMass Google accounts are being suspended. In most of the cases GMass cannot stop your account getting suspended also it doesn’t help to re-activate your suspended account. It just increases the ability of sending emails at a time. At any time, your Gmail can be suspended if you’re using GMass.

How to avoid getting Gmail account suspended?

 The best way to keep your account safe or to keep it secure from getting suspended you must follow all the guidelines provided by the Google. Here are some instructions for keeping your account secure.

  • You should avoid using GMass for sending spam messages from your Gmail account.
  • Sometimes you want to create and new account and wants to send hundreds of mails together, but this can suspend your Gmail account. So you should avoid sending mails in large quantities. Google stats that you can send almost 500 mails per day, but it applicable for old account not for new account. And this will make your mails spam and thus your account gets suspended.
  • So many people use Google Apps to send mails in bulk amount, and at the same time you cannot send it with your new Gmail account, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Google App for new account or not.

How to recover suspended Gmail account?

Here are some instructions to recover suspended Gmail account that will help you to get back your Gmail account.

  • First step is to sing in into your Google admin console account. (sing in with your administrator account and do not use @gmail at the end of the email)
  • Now open user’s account page.
  • On the top of right side you will see “restore”, click on this option. ( if you cannot see “restore” option then you will have to wait for 24 hours, so that the limits will be reset automatically. You can use other services of your Google account at this time).
  • A pop up message will be seen, tap on “reset user” option.
  • Now your Gmail account will be enabled within 10 to 15 minutes. Now you can sing in into your account.

This was the process of recovering your suspended Gmail account. And still, if you’re not getting solved with your issue you can also contact our customer support that provide 24/7 services.

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