How to fix Firefox not opening?

Mozilla Firefox is open-source software and you can download it without any cost. Many times, the users face an issue like Firefox, not opening. This problem can be solved by simple methods that are discussed below.

Methods to solve the issue of Firefox not opening:

Refresh Mozilla Firefox.

This is the simplest method, let’s try it first. See the steps below:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Go to the menu.
  • Select Help and then “Troubleshooting information”.
  • Click on the “Refresh Firefox” button. Doing this, Firefox will refresh itself automatically.
  • Now click on Finish once the process is completed.
  • Refreshing restore the browser to its default state and creates a new profile folder for settings and personal information.

Start Mozilla Firefox in safe mode

When you use Mozilla Firefox in safe mode, all extensions, themes, hardware acceleration gets disabled and many things get reset. See the below steps:

  1. Go to the menu and click on help.
  2. Select “Restart with add-ons disabled”. Click on restart.
  3. Click on “Start in safe mode”.
  4. If it is starting normally in safe mode, then see another fix.

Remove the add-ons that are not compatible

  1. Click on the menu button.
  2. Now activate “Add-ons manager” and click on “Add-ons”.
  3. Select the add-on which you want to remove from “extensions or themes” panel.
  4. Click on “Remove” and then “Restart now.”
  5. If Mozilla Firefox is still not opening, see the next fix.

Reinstall Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Uninstall Your current version Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Now go to the Firefox website and install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser from there.
  3. Not try to search for something on the new browser.

Edit user preferences

Firefox has a series of preference files known as a user profile that stores cookies, bookmarks, download history, etc. when your user4 profile gets corrupted, you face issues like this. You need to delete the current profile to fix these issues. Enter the following command in the Run box of the start menu:

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe.”-ProfileManager.

Now you can create a new profile once Firefox’s profile manager gets opened. Now open Firefox in safe mode with the new profile. If Firefox is opening, then delete your old profile. You can transfer all the old bookmarks to the new profile. But it is better to erase the old data as it may be corrupted.

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