Solved: Facebook Videos Not Playing

Facebook is a very popular media for sharing images, events, and videos related to many topics and events. Many people love watching videos on Facebook either for entertainment purposes or for gaining knowledge. What to do in cases like Facebook videos not playing. We will discuss many issues and their remedies that will solve your problem of Facebook videos not being uploaded or playing:

why facebook Videos Not Playing

Network connection error

Slow internet speed and poor network connection don’t let the pages to upload completely and your videos will keep on loading. Search for a place with a better network try to reload the video or page and you may get it.

Re-login to your Facebook account

Facebook Log in

You can try this quick fix to solve the problem. Log out from your Facebook account and log in again after 2-3 minutes. You can also restart your device in which you are using Facebook.

Android users can force stop Facebook and clean cache

Android users can find Facebook from the menu where you get recently used apps. Swipe up the app to force stop Facebook.

Facebook Force Stop on Android

Or you may go to the settings and then apps from there. Go to Facebook and force stop. Now select Facebook again, clear cache and cookies as cache and cookies slow down the apps. Now see if you are able to watch the Facebook videos again or not.

Re-install or Update Facebook App or browser

Uninstall your current Facebook app or the browser which you are using. Now reinstall and see if the problem is fixed or not. You can also go for an update to resolve the issue. When you switch on to another browser, make sure it is the latest version.

 Reinstall Facebook

Maybe the video has been removed

Sometimes the original video is encrypted or deleted for some reason, so maybe this is the reason you are not able to watch it now. Try to see that video in another device or browser, if it cannot be seen there also, it might have been removed.

Close the background apps

If you are using many apps simultaneously, they can hog RAM and slow down the speed of loading any videos or complex pages.

Is there enough room for buffering?

  • Facebook videos require enough room for buffering. Insufficient space creates a problem in the loading of the videos.
  • If you are using Facebook on Android, go to about from settings and check the room.
  • If you are iOS user, go to settings then general and then storage.
  • If you are running out of space, remove some pictures and videos from there.
  • Now refresh the video and hopefully, you will be able to watch the video.

Change the device or browser to login Facebook

Sometimes Facebook videos perform better on other devices. If you are not able to watch the video in-app, try to see it on the website. Change the browser like if you are using Chrome, go to Firefox or Safari, etc.

Similarly, if you are using Windows 7, try another computer with Windows 10 or Mac.

Uncheck the option “Use hardware acceleration when available”

For unchecking “Use Hardware Acceleration when available”, go to the Chrome settings page, click on advanced settings. Uncheck the option. Now try to open the video.

Update Flash Player

Update flash player on your browser. If updating doesn’t work out, go to the privacy settings and check if every setting is up to date or not. Flash settings affect video performance and need to be checked whenever you face any issue related to the loading of videos.

Use any Downloader app to download the video

You can take the help of some downloading website or downloading an app to download the video if you are not able to watch it online. These apps are useful in downloading videos from other sites also. You have the advantage of watching them later and offline also whenever you wish to.

Use the above tricks to solve your problem. One of the other will work out for you.

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