Best Ways to Fix Facebook App Crashing Problem

Facebook is a widely used social media and people spent a lot of time on it. While using Facebook you face a problem like crashing and closing unexpectedly, it irritates you and wants it to be fixed as soon as possible. Facebook app crashing problem may occur anytime, like if you are trying to upload a photo or browsing through the news feed. So, let’s discuss more it.

Ways to fix the Facebook crashing problem

  1. Try quitting the App:

to view all open or active apps, double click the home button. Before starting with any other fix, close the Facebook app from here. Now click on the Facebook icon again to launch the application. 

  1. Do a hard reset:

To shut down and restart your phone automatically, hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously for about 5-10 seconds. Now try to reopen the app.

  1. Reinstall the Facebook app

Delete the Facebook app from your device. Now download the latest version of the Facebook app from the app store and reinstall it. Open it now, crashing problem might have resolved now.

  1. Updating Facebook App to the latest version:

To make sure that you have the latest version of Facebook, go to the app store and check. If you find any update available, update your app to the latest version. This fixes out many problems which include Facebook crashing also. Most of the time the app store prompts you about any latest version available.

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  1. Update your Phone to the latest version:

update your phone or device to the latest version. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the software for your device. Go to the settings and check if any latest version is available.

  1. Check for any conflicting App and close it:

It is also possible that another app is conflicting with your Facebook app and as a result, Facebook is getting crashed. when you open many apps simultaneously, your phone gets slow down and apps have difficulty in loading.

  1. Resync your phone:

Resyncing your phone fixes many problems and allows you to download and install the latest version of the software for your device. This way you also get an option to get a backup of your data.

  1. Clear your memory:

Full storage is a cause of many issues. Users don’t realize when they have reached the maximum limit and there is no space left in their memory. Cleaning out the unwanted images and videos will not only get back your speed again but also help you out to sort the data and manage the things properly. Try to delete the apps which are no longer needed. Now open your Facebook again and check the issue is solved or not.

  1. Reinstall the Facebook App:

You will have to be quick in this step. Just log in to your Facebook account, log out quickly before it crashes. Now delete the Facebook app and reinstall it. Launch the app and login again into Facebook.

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  1. Just log in to your Facebook account and quickly select the menu icon and go to your personal timeline, do it fast before it gets crashed. Now go back to your news feed and see if the page is loading properly.
  1. Restore Factory Settings:

If non-of the above options is working for you, go for restoring the factory settings. You can restore from backup or reset your device to factory settings. Backup your data before proceeding with this step.

     12. Close the conflicting apps.

Many times, the newly installed apps and your Facebook app conflict with each other. Remove any recently installed app and re-open the Facebook app. Too many apps when open at the same time causes the device to run slowly and cause difficulty in loading.

      13. iPhone users resync iPhone with iTunes

You can easily sync your device with iTunes using your computer. Doing this, you also get a chance to download and install the latest software version of iOS. You may also back up your data in the cloud or computer.

Try the above tips, you will get your access back to your favorite Facebook account.

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