How to delete Hotmail account permanently ?

How to delete Hotmail account permanently:

If you no longer needs your Hotmail account and the notifications are irritating your like hell, then you can delete your Hotmail account permanently. Here’s how you can follow steps to know how to delete a Hotmail account permanently.

Steps to delete your Hotmail account permanently are :

  • First log in to your Outlook/Hotmail account by entering your email and password.
  • On the top right of the page you will see “security” option, click on it.
  • Click on “more security options” at the bottom of the page.
  • After this an account closing page will be opened. You can tap on “close my account” option.
  • Now Microsoft will inform whether when your account be deleted permanently.
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  These were the steps to delete your Hotmail account permanently from your browser.

Do you want to recover your deleted account ?

It happens when you delete your account and want to recover it again so that you can get access to some of your important mails.  And it is possible if you follow some steps which will help you to know how to recover a deleted account that are given below.

Steps to recover a deleted Hotmail account:

  • Head over to your Hotmail account for recovering your deleted account.
  • Enter your email address which you wants to recover, with this you also have to enter your alternative email address that you entered at the time of creating your new account.
  • Note: you can only recover your deleted account after 30 days of deletion process.
  • Microsoft keep your account on hold for 30 days, but the account will be deleted.
  • If you have two-step verification that should be activated in your account so that you can recover your account by keeping the code which will be sent to you.
  • Click on “next” option. To finish the process of recovering your deleted account.

Now you can successfully recover your account and these were the methods to recover your deleted account.

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