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The computer industry has grown beyond imagination over the last few decades. Because of advancements in the computer industry, the gaming industry has also grown at a high pace. The number of gamers has increased tremendously in the last few years. Nowadays most of the games support access to go online. But a lot of users have reported that their computer crashes when playing games. This issue may be caused due to various reasons. In this article, we will be discussing all the possible solutions to this problem.

In case you are one such user whose computer crashes when playing games, this article is for you. Read this article carefully to solve this issue.

Check if any program is running in the background:

This is the most common reason if your computer crashes when playing games. When you have many applications running in the background our computer crashes while playing games. You should close all the background apps before playing games. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Task Manager on your PC (you can do it by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then select Task Manager from the list).
  • Click on the Startup
  • Then, you will see a list of all the applications that are running in the background. Now, disable all the unnecessary applications that are running in the background.
  • Restart your PC after completing this procedure.

Doing this will free up space on your RAM and you will be able to solve your problem.

Disable the Sound Device that you are using when Computer Crashes When Playing Games:

Sometimes the sound drivers if the Windows conflicts with the other devices that you are using. This conflict ultimately leads to GPU failure. This may become a possible reason if your computer crashes when playing games. You can disable the sound device y following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Device Manager on your PC. (press Windows + R. Then, type msc in the run utility box. Then Device Manager will open on the screen)
  • Once, you are in the Device Manager, click on the option Sound, Video and game controllers.
  • Then, you will see the name of the device that you are using. Right-click on this option and then select Disable Device from the context menu.
  • Check for the issues with Third-party applications that you are using:

Many games use some additional applications to run. Sometimes, people start using these software from untrusted sites. You should install software from the trusted site to solve your problem. In case, you find any issue with any software, quickly uninstall it. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Control Panel on your PC. (you can do it by typing Control Panel in the search area provided at the bottom-left corner of the screen)
  • Select the option Programs and Features.
  • Then, click on the option Uninstall a Program.
  • Select the program you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall.

After you have uninstalled the program, download the software that you need from a trusted source and then install it.

Scan your PC for Malware and Virus:

The presence of some malware and the other Virus can be a reason if your computer crashes when playing games. You can solve this issue by scanning your PC for malware and Virus. You can use any anti-virus program to do this. In case you don’t have anti-virus, you scan your PC for viruses using the Windows Defender. Follow the steps mentioned below to scan your PC using Windows Defender:

  • Go to Windows settings.
  • Select the Windows Defender and then click on Virus & Threat Protection.
  • Click on the advanced section and then select the Windows Defender Offline Scan.
  • Click on the option Scan

After you have clicked on the option scan now, the scan process will start. Wait until the scanning process is finished. After the completion of the scanning process, restart your PC. You should scan your PC for viruses and malware even when you don’t find any issue.

Check for bad sectors on your Hard Drives:

This may be a possible reason if your computer crashes when playing games. This issue occurs when your hard disk has developed some bad sectors in it. You can check the bad sectors of your hard drive by following the steps mentioned below:

Note: make sure that you have downloaded a partition wizard on your PC. We recommend the MiniTool Partition Wizard.

  • Launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard on your PC.
  • There you will see the Disk Map of your hard disk, click on the sector that you want to check.
  • Scroll down and click on the option Surface Test and Activate it.
  • Then, click on the button Start Now.
  • Then, it will start checking the Bad sectors. Wait until the test comes to end and see the results.
  • In a result, you will see Red Squares and Green Squares. Red squares mean that the sector has gone bad and Green Square means that the sector is fine.
  • If you see any Red Square then, replace the hard drive that you are using right now with a new part of a hard drive.

Check if your processor is overheating if Computer Crashes When Playing Games:

In many cases, the computer crashes while playing games because the processor is overheating. If you are sure that the issues mentioned above are not the reasons behind your issue then, you should consider this to be a reason behind your problem. There are various things to check if your computer is facing the over-heating issue:

  • Sometimes, the poor power supply is a reason behind this issue. Check that your power supply is working fine.
  • Your computer is being outdated. In case you are using your PC for a long time, you can face issues like overheating.
  • You can use additional features to tackle the problem of overheating.

In this article, we have mentioned various solutions for you if your computer crashes when playing games. In case, you are not able to solve this issue after trying all the solutions mentioned above, feel free to contact us through our website and the other contact details provided below. We have got a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones.


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