How to Change Primary Gmail Account?

Don’t know how to change primary Gmail account ?

Gmail is so simple to use various mobile devices but especially when you are trying to use it on an Android device you should not worry at all. One more thing which is most important to know is that when you are going to setup your Gmail account for the first time, it is mandatory to provide Google account with the complete email address. Not only this, you can create additional Google account on your phone and it is pretty easy to do so and for that, you are required to synchronize your account instantly after configuring it on your Android device. It is all good but might be getting so vexed while doing so with your Gmail account instantly. Let me tell you How to change primary Gmail account.

How to change Gmail primary account on Android?

When you are going to change your Google primary account on your device, it helps in order to perform the task of voice commands and all the searches performed with Google. This is the steps in which you can compromise your privacy if you perform a personal search using your official account. However, if you are expecting to avoid functional and privacy issue then you have to replace the primary account instantly. So you can easily change your Gmail account within a short span of the time.

Here are the ways in order to change Gmail account on your Android device easily:

  • First of all, turn on your Android device and open your Google account settings.
  • Go to the search button instantly and click on the account and privacy option and then move to the next.
  • Now you can select Google account to select the primary account and press the search button.
  • Enter the personal info into the correct field and click on the email address for the Google account field.
  • Now move to the next steps to add your new email address and then move further to complete the task.
  • Click on the manual settings and click on the IMAP and SMTP mail server to add with the Gmail account.
  • You can simply enter the new email address in case you want to replace and the press next button.
  • Enter the description and select the primary email address to stop the service and start the new email account.
  • After completing the task, you press the save change button at the end of the task simply.

If you are required to collect some more information with regards, Gmail account then contact our top class tech support team that is available at 24 by 7 for the help of the users instantly.

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