Best Ways to Fix Avast Unable to Scan

If you are using your system regularly, then protecting your device is very essential.  Avast antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus software to protect your system from harmful threats and malware activities. Many times, users face issues with the Avast antivirus. One of the most common problems faced by Avast users is Avast unable to scan.

Reasons why Avast Unable To Scan?

Avast Antivirus protects your system in the best way from malicious threats. If you are using Avast antivirus for a long time, you may come across the issue Avast unable to scan. This ultimately hampers your productivity and your system might be at risk when you are unable to scan files using Avast.

When certain files are protected with a password that is not known to Avast antivirus, it will be unable to scan certain files. There are some system files that are off-limits to the third-party antivirus. These system files need to be in the exclude list for future scans.

Sometimes, it may also happen that your Avast unable to scan issue is because of some unknown reasons. Uninstalling it and again reinstalling will help you to fix the issue.

Common Fixes For Avast Unable To Scan

Since there are several reasons for this issue, there are some general fixes that may solve your issue:

  • The first fix is to keep the files at an excluded option using the following steps.
  1. Open Avast users interface. Go to the left panel and find the settings option. Click on the Settings option to open it.
  2. Go to the blue text categories and click on “exclusions.” The files will be transferred to the exclusions and will not interfere with the Avast antivirus again.
  • The next method is to check whether the problem arises only with the password-protected files. Give the passwords to the Avast antivirus to help it recognize the data and it will scan it.
  • Another simple fix is to Uninstall and then reinstall Avast antivirus. Now see if the problem is resolved or not. Go to the settings and select the Avast antivirus. Right-click on it and uninstall it. After the uninstallation is over, reinstall it and see if it resolved the issue.
  • The next fix is to perform a reboot to your computer in the safe mode. This will avoid the issue. Open the Command Prompt and type the word CD command. Now, provide the location of the file of Avast. Hit enter and type the “sched” in the command. Once the command prompt opens, type shutdown and press Enter. Once the computer starts, a reboot is performed at the scheduled time.

If still, you are facing the issue of Avast unable to scan, call on the toll-free number of the customer support team. A team of experts is available 24*7 to provide you remote assistance. You may be required to provide some of your personal information that will be used only for troubleshooting your issue. They will not only solve your current problem but also give you tips for security in the future.

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